NDT Products Ltd. (formerly INFINITEX)

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Products Limited
113-115 Cushman Rd., Units 21-23
St. Catharines, ON, CA L2M 6S9
Phone: 905-934-5195
Fax: 905-934-2665
Toll Free: 1-833-202-4504

Welcome to NDT Products Ltd. (formerly INFINITEX)

The NDT Group of Companies is composed of businesses representing leading brands in non-destructive testing and aviation industries. With the acquisition of INFINITEX, NDT Products Ltd. is proud to be the OEM of Splitter® and Ultra Series of nano- and ultra-filtration systems. These products have a heritage that goes back to 20 years of innovative design in industrial wastewater processing.

Membrane filtration is the ideal solution for treating waste water for various applications including:

  • Aqueous (water-based) Cleaners from parts washers, floor cleaning, equipment washdown, etc.
  • Machine Coolants and water-soluble cutting oils
  • Dye Penetrant Rinses from Non-Destructive Testing
  • Air Compressor Condensate
  • Water-based Ink Washes from printing
  • Oil/Water Emulsions
  • Many other aqueous wastes
Find the solution that fits your needs!

NDT Products Group is committed to help customers reduce their impact on the environment. This involves both producing the cleanest discharge effluent and recycling water for re-use.