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Ultra Splitter™
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Ultra Splitter™

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Ultra Splitter™ Series

Ultra Splitter™ Series are larger skid-mounted systems that are fully automated and are designed to run unattended. A number of patented control monitoring devices ensure that the machine will shut itself off before any type of damaging condition can occur. They can handle daily waste volumes of 500 gallons up to 6,000 gallons. The Ultra Splitter™ series are designed to operate almost continuously for years.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Automatic timer control - Minimizes operator involvement 
  • Pulse-Kleen® cycle programmed into their microprocessor controls -  Improves membrane lifetime and increase overall processing efficiency
  • Easy-to-read control panel - User-friendly & intuitive operation minimizes errors
  • Automatic protection control - Worry-free operation
  • No expensive chemical treatment required - Cost savings and maximimzes safety
  • Interchangeable membranes - Allow for wastestream flexibility

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