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Rental Units
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Rental Units

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Splitter® Rental Unit

The purchase of a Splitter® represents a significant capital expenditure for most companies. Capital dollars are tight. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to buy a Splitter® before you commit your company’s money. That is why we offer our unique Rental Program. Rent any Splitter® unit, equipped with a 20" pre-filter housing assembly, for a minimum of two (2) weeks or up to a maximum of one (1) month for use on your waste water. Aside from the rental fee, your only other costs will be the pre-filter cartridges, Splitter® membranes* and the shipping charges. If you are satisfied with the Splitter®’s performance, we will apply a portion of the rental fee to the purchase price of any Splitter® or Ultra Splitter™ unit bought within 60 days of the completion of the rental agreement.
*Purchase of pre-filter cartridges and membranes are required and non-refundable as they cannot be re-used after it has been exposed to waste.