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Membrane Elements
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Membrane Elements

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Membrane Elements

NDT Products wastewater filtration equipment uses membranes to separate aqueous solutions, emulsions and suspensions. Membrane filtration can either recycle the valuable chemistry for re-use; minimize waste volumes by extracting the water for discharge; or, in closed-looped systems discharged water can be recycled.
NDT Products membrane elements are offered in a variety of pore sizes, dimensions and feed spacer thickness to fit almost any waste application.

  • Polymeric, thin-film membrane
  • Patented back-to-back KleerFlo feed spacers
  • Uniform pore size and a high degree of porosity
  • Smooth surface desirable for fouling reduction
  • Smaller pores near surface, control rejection
  • Good resistance to pH and temperature
  • Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes ​available


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