NDT Products Ltd. (formerly INFINITEX)

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Products Limited
113-115 Cushman Rd., Units 21-23
St. Catharines, ON, CA L2M 6S9
Phone: 905-934-5195
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Custom Systems
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Custom Systems

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Custom Systems

NDT Products has over 20 years of experience in designing systems of all sizes. The industrial wastewater that we routinely process include machine coolants, penetrant rinsewater, spent cleaning solutions, air compressor condensates, and many other unique mixtures. Our equipment can be found in various industries such as automotive, aviation, metals processing.
We understand that your unique needs may require a custom solution. Whether your operation's waste water volume exceeds the standard offerings, your facility requires a different voltage or your processes call for PLC, our design consultants will be more than happy to discuss your application and work with your specific needs.